Reform means the world for Todai

As I read articles on The University of Tokyo's reform toward enrollment in the fall, I wonder why they rarely point out budget problem.(This article refers it a bit, though.)

To increase fluent-English proficient professors and staffs, to set up credit transfer system with overseas universities, or to create internship program for gap term must require huge sources of revenue.

However, the government has continued to decrease subsidies for national universities since they were transformed into independent administrative institutions.
Moreover, the scale of endowment fund is still small to make up for reduction in revenue.

One of possible ways to increase revenue is to raise tuition. But the government set a rule in which national universities can amend it only within the 10 percent range of standard amount.
Therefore, the university cannot increase its tuition drastically.

After all, I guess enrollment in the fall will not have so much impact on the Todai's international presence.