In Time

This movie depicts a fictional future in which time becomes currency.

Due to advances of genetic technology, people stop aging when they reach 25 years old.
After that, "living time," which is displayed on their left arm, starts to go.
People consume living time in order to buy a product or service. When they work, they receive it as wage.
If it becomes zero, they immediately die.

The amount of living time varies greatly by social classes people belong in.
Wealthy people have thousand or million years of living time, so they are substantially immortal. On the other hand, poor people have to live from day to day.

The leading character Will Salas, performed by Justin Timberlake, is a working class man.
One day, he meets a man who has a hundred year living time.

He wants to die because he cannnot find the meaning of his life.
He confesses the truth to Will that wealthy people exploit poor so that they can live permanently.
He gives his remaining time to Will, and he dies.

Will gets angry to know the truth and decides to punish those who created such exploitation.
He goes over the boundary of "Time Zone," which divides the rich and poor, and sneaks into a party which a wealthy man holds.
But "time-keepers," who monitor the moving of living time, suspect Will and come to the party to arrest him.
Will takes the daughter of the party organizer as a hostage and runs away.

At first the girl in hostage, named Sylvia, wants to go back home.
However, she is gradually attracted to Will because she didn't feel alive while she was at home.

Will and Sylvia are chased by time-keepers again and again but they manage to survive.
During their escape, they realize that in order to break down the order of the world, it is necessary to transfer huge amount of time from the rich to the poor.

In the end, they break into the office of Sylvia's father.
They steal a device that stores 100 million years and distribute it to the poor.
The rich gets confused, and Will and Sylvia continue robbing time banks.

This movie is a kind of thought experiment, questioning whether we still want to live or not if we stop aging and become immortal.