Habu gets his 20th career Oza title


A professional shogi player Yoshiharu Habu won his 20th career Oza title last week.
Acquiring any titles in a total of 20 years is a record equal to the late Yasuharu Oyama's one in the Osho championship.

Habu had retained the Oza title in 19 consecutive years(also the all-time record), until Akira Watanabe(a.k.a. "Mataro") broke it last year.
But Habu got it back this year, beating Watanabe 3 to 1. He now possesses three out of the seven major shogi titles(the others are Oi and Kisei).

So far this year, Habu has ranked on the top in total games played(39) and wins(31), and 4th in a winning rate(.795).