Aso’s Nazi-inspired quip rubs Seoul the wrong way

Needless to say, Mr. Aso's analogy of Nazi is inappropriate and we must say he has no international and historical sensibility.

But first of all, I am irritated because he lacks basic understanding of the constitution. Why should the purpose of constitutional revision "be the stabilization and peace of the state?" On the contrary, a modern constitution must restrict the power of a state.

My impression is that not a few LDP lawmakers have this kind of misunderstanding. And if my impression is correct, it's very unfortunate that such a party now holds a majority(with a coalition of New Komeito) in both Lower and Upper Houses.

Mr. Aso made another improper speech about half a year ago. Has he forgotten yet one of the reasons why LDP lost trust before 2009 was consecutive slips of the tongue made by cabinet members?