Managing photos via Evernote

How to manage digital photos is crucial to preserve our precious memories. it is, however, often troublesome. If you chose an inefficient way, you might not see those photos again.

So far, I have created a note in Evernote and attached photos on it so that I could easily search them later. This method is, however, not viable when the number of photos is large as Evernote doesn't allow a note that exceeds 100MB.
Another drawback of Evernote (at least for Windows version) is it cannot show photos as thumbnails. That means you cannot overview whole photos. This is an undesirable feature.

Since I use Evernote for managing everything and its search capability is an irresistible attraction, I wanted to link photos with it. After a moment's consideration, I decided to use another web-based file storage and attached the URL on Evernote. I've chosen SkyDrive because its free file space is larger than that of Dropbox.

For now, I'm satisfied with this way. I can smoothly check my photos from smartphone, too.