The inclusion of the female half of humanity and of sex as a central dimension in the study of society would lead to a more accurate picture of social structure and to a better understanding of process.

(Acker 1973: 936,強調は引用者)

For example, female-headed households account for almost 40% of those below the poverty line (Ferriss1970). This statistic suggests that the economic and social disadvantages of being female may have an impact on class differentials in family structure.

(Acker 1973: 939-40)

Generalizations about social mobility patterns and trends on a societal level are based primarily on studies of white males (Blau and Duncan 1967). Since this group does not comprise even one-half of the population, the validity of the generalizations might be questioned.

(Acker 1973: 943,強調は引用者)

It may be that the female-headed household was more prevalent in our past than we generally think.

(Acker 1973: 943,強調は引用者)