I Wish

奇跡【通常版】 [DVD]

奇跡【通常版】 [DVD]

I Wish(奇跡 Kiseki: Miracle) is the latest work of Hirokazu Koreeda.

Koreeda is best known for directing Nobody Knows, in which Yuya Yagira played the main role and was given the best actor award at 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

The story is about the young brothers who live separately in Kagoshima and Fukuoka, due to the divorce of their parents.
The brothers dream of reuniting the family.

One day, the elder brother hears of a "miracle."
It says, "at the morning of Kyushu Shinkansen(bullet train) line starts its operation, if you see the first two trains(Fukuoka to Kagoshima and Kagoshima to Fukuoka) pass each other, your dreams come true."
(The movie was originally projected by Japan Railways)

The brothers involve their friends and start to prepare for the plan.

As with Nobody Knows, the feelings of children are well-depicted.
Koreeda, a former TV documentary producer, made up this film not as a sentimental but as a natural and realistic one.