David A. Greenの"Where Have All the Sociologists Gone?: An Economist’s Perspective”を読んだ。


The sociological tradition of examining the cultural underpinnings of institutions and of seeing them as more flexible and more organic entities than is commonly the case in discussions among economists implies that sociology is particularly well suited to probing and correcting(as needed) the interpretation of the role of institutions in inequality patterns.

A debate between proponents of DiPrete's view that societal norms matter and can lead to a diverse equilibrium would be illuminating for everyone.

[H]aving more than one discipline work on a particular problem is helpful not just in providing other potential explanations but in getting researchers to question the orthodoxy within their own disciplines. In that regard, it is important that sociologists do not buy into the economics orthodoxy in a particular area, even if it appears to be backed by a massive quantity of research.