Five-year anniversary

Here's [a toast] looking at my blog, kid.

Five years have passed since I launched this blog in 2008. It has 721 posts so far(excluding multiple posts on the same days).
The original purpose was just to practice writing sentences and communicate with some of my friends. I never imagined a volatile person like me could continue updating such a long time.

Occasionally, what I wanted to write has changed. Now my major motivation is, as you might expect, to improve my English.
I myself am not sure how long it will last from now on. I may keep going another five years, or give up in just a few days.

At least, some(or most) of the past posts are so embarrassing that I never want to read them again. So I may delete them some day in the future.

Lastly, I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to those who always visit this not-reader-friendly blog.