Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

Bigger Stronger Faster [DVD] [Import]

Bigger Stronger Faster [DVD] [Import]

This is a documentary film directed by Christopher Bell that deals with anabolic steroids use in the U.S.
The subtitle is "The Side Effects of Being American."

Steroids use is pervasive in that country. We know many athletes have been involved in this matter, for instance, home run king Barry Bonds in MLB.
However, not only athletes but a lot of ordinary people use steroids.

We usually think it's immoral, but this film digs down deeper what's going on.
It points out steroids use is closely linked to American cultural value that "Strong and macho is good."
One interesting fact is G.I. Joe figures have become bigger and had more muscles over the past decades.

The director also argues about negative effects on health, suicide of youth, deregulation of supplement market, and so on.
He himself appears in the film and conducts interviews on various people, including his older brother who used to be a popular wrestler and has taken steroids.
This style is like one directed by Michael Moore.