Some slang expressions

Early bird - Someone who wakes up and starts working very early in the day; someone who arrives before an event begins.
Eat lead - One who is shot at with a gun is said to 'eat lead'; as an exclamation, the phrase is directed toward the intended target.
Eats - Food, particularly simple, inexpensive food.
Egghead - An overly intellectual person; someone who thinks too much.
Excess baggage - A person or thing that gets in the way; a burden that you are stuck with.
Fall for - To become infatuated with somebody; to develop intense feelings for someone; to become romantically attached.
Fam - Family
Fast food - Quickly prepared food, usually served by large chains such as McDonald's.
Fat cat - A person who has great wealth and power; a tycoon.
Feed the meter - To put money in a parking meter; to pay for additional parking time.
Five o'clock shadow - Facial stubble; a man's beard at the end of the day.
Fore - A warning meaning 'look out!' or 'get out of the way!'
Freak - A social outcast or misfit; a strange person
Fuzz - The police
Ghetto Blaster - A large, extremely loud, portable stereo
Gibberish - Speech that doesn't make sense; nonsensical words and phrases.
Gig - A musical performance; a party with a band.
Glam - Glamorous; wearing fashionable clothes and make-up, particularly when done to excess.
Glued to your seat - To be extremely interested in something; to be so involved with something that you cannot move.
Go bananas - To be irrational and wild; to lose control.
Go off the deep end - To go too far with something; to do something crazy.
Goat - Someone who is blamed when things go wrong.
Go postal - To lose control and act violently; to be filled with rage and fury; to break under pressure and harm others.
Goody two-shoes - Someone who is so good and so obedient that it is annoying.
Goner - Someone who has died or is going to die soon; something that has failed or is ruined.
Grass - Marijuana; a plant that is smoked (illegally, in many countries).
Green Thumb - A special talent for gardening; the ability to make anything grow.
Grub - Food, with the implication that the food is basic and simple.
Gumshoe - A detective or private investigator.
Guts - Courage, valor; having the nerve to do something.
Hang out - To pass time idly; to loaf with pleasure, at ease.
Hard as nails - Very tough; unfriendly, cold.
Has-been - One who is no longer successful or popular.
Have a prayer - To have a realistic chance of something happening; to be able to do something. (Frequently used in the negative -- 'not have a prayer'.)
Have a screw loose - To be a little bit crazy, or not acting normally.
Have eyes for - To desire; to find someone physically attractive.
Haywire - Broken; in a state of chaos; not working.
Head doctor - A psychiatrist; a doctor who helps people with mental problems.
High five - A way to say 'Bravo!' or 'Good job!' by slapping someone's hand in the air; to congratulate someone.
High roller - Someone who earns and spends a lot of money; a person who makes very large bets while gambling.
Hillbilly - A person from the country, typically with crude manners, speech and dress.
Hit the road - To leave; to go home. Also used as a command meaning 'go away' or 'leave me alone'.
Hit the spot - A phrase that means 'that was really good' or 'that was just what I needed'.
Hog - To selfishly claim all of something; to eat or take everything.
Hole in the wall - A small, simple place, particularly a shop or restaurant.
Homey - A good friend.
Hoodie - A sweatshirt with a hood.
Hooked - Addicted; to like something so much that you need it every day.
Hottie - A beautiful, attractive woman.
Hung up on - To be obsessed about something or someone.
Hush hush - Very secret
Hype - Loud advertising and promotion.
Icky - Displeasing, disgusting, unappealing.
Idiot box - A television
Iffy - Uncertain or doubtful.
In a bind - In a bad situation; in trouble
In a funk - Depressed or upset.
In someone's hair - Constantly annoying; bothering someone again and again.
In the doghouse - In trouble; the object of anger or scorn.