Max Weber (1917=2013) "Science as a Vocation"



The Vocation Lectures: “Science as a Vocation

The Vocation Lectures: “Science as a Vocation" & "Politics as a Vocation": 'Science as a Vocation' (Hackett Classics)






To make an initial point: the first task of a competent teacher is to teach his students to acknowledge inconvenient facts. By these I mean facts that are inconvenient for their own personal political views. Such extremely inconvenient facts exist for every political position, including my own. I believe that when the university teacher makes his listeners accustom themselves to such facts, his achievement is more than merely intellectual.

Bear in mind that the value of a human being does not depend on whether he has leadership qualities. And in any case, the qualities that make someone an outstanding scholar and academic teacher are not those that create leaders in practical life or, more specifically, in politics.