Some slang expressions

Behind bars - In prison or jail; incarcerated.
Bender - An episode of heavy drinking; a period of any kind of unusually intense behavior.
Big house - Prison, particularly a maximum security federal prison ( or jail )
Blow chunks - To vomit; to be sick.
Blow off steam - To release stress or anger.
Blow it - To lose or waste something; to do very poorly or fail miserably.
B. O - Body odor, usually caused by sweating; an unpleasant smell coming from the human body. Pronounced 'bee oh'.
Boozehound - Someone who drinks a lot of whiskey; a drunk.
Bounce - To leave.
Brewski - Beer; a bottle or can or glass of beer.
Bump off - To kill or murder; to assassinate.
Burned out - Extremely tired; lacking energy; worn out from working too much.
Bust digits - To get someone's telephone number.
Butts - Cigarettes, or the remains of cigarettes.
Buy the farm - To die.
Catch some z's - To get some sleep; to nap.
Chic - Stylish, elegant, fashionable.
Chick - A young woman, particularly an attractive young woman.
Chicken - A coward; someone who is not daring or willing to take risks; a person with little self-confidence.
Chow - Food, a meal (noun); to eat (verb).
Cold feet - Loss of courage; fear.
Cut a deal - To make an agreement; to form a contract.
Cut and dry - Something which is very obvious and clear; not requiring further explanation.
Da bomb - Excellent, the best.
Dicey - Risky, dangerous
Dinosaur - Very old; out of date; obsolete.
Ditch - To leave an unwanted person, place or thing behind; to get rid of something or someone.
Dis - To insult someone (verb), or the insult itself (noun).
DOA - Hopeless or futile; something that cannot be repaired or salvaged.
Doctor - To tamper with something; to fiddle or interfere with
D'oh - An exclamation that usually follows the sudden realization that you did something stupid.
Doormat - A weak individual who is regularly abused by others.
Downer - Something or someone that is depressing; anything that makes one sad.
Drag queen - A homosexual man who dresses like a woman.
Dressed to kill - Wearing fashionable clothing; dressed in one's most stylish and sophisticated apparel.
Dump - An ugly or run-down place; a disgusting place to live